Olympic Karate Training

This is a program which allows you to learn Olympic Karate in Okinawa. You can learn not only Okinawan Karate but also other styles of Karate in the birthplace of Karate. If you have any request for programs (Kata or Kumite and so on), please let us know. Your master will be a high-level grand master.



Price for one person (Not including tax)  6,000 JPY〜
Minimum Participants  10 persons
Time  1.5-2 hours
 Included  Certification, Memorabilia photo
 Not included  Insurance, Pickup, Drinks
Conditions  Only for experienced Karateka (except for Olympic Karate style also OK)

Cancel Policy

If you want to cancel your reservation, there will be a cancellation fee based on the following cancel policy.

 Estimate  Free
After application〜15 days before the activity day   25% cancellation fee
8〜14 days before   50% cancellation fee
 Within 7 days  100% cancellation fee