Island Special Karate Camp in Okinawa (14 days)

This is a special island Okinawa karate camp.You can not only learn Okinawa karate from great masters, but also enjoy Okinawa and Yaeyama islands for four nights five days. You will have a wonderful time exploring Okinawa.


1. Beach Karate Training
1. Beach Karate Training

・You will trip to another beautiful island and you will train karate on the island.
・All instructors are over 8th Dan high level Karate masters.

2. Okinawan Karate history tour
2. Okinawan Karate history tour

・This tour is the only one that you can experience only in Okinawa, birthplace of Karate.
・You can visit 6〜8 Karate historical spots where it is difficult to go by yourself and meet famous Okinawan Karate masters.

Okinawan Karate monument
Okinawan Karate master’s grave
Karate museum & Okinawan culture
Experience of Okinawan shrine
3. Yaeyama island
3. Yaeyama island

The Yaeyama islands are both the most southerly, and the most westerly, inhabited islands of Japan. Once part of the Ryukyu Kingdom centered on Okinawa, the islands have retained their distinctive culture and relaxed way of life. The most striking feature of these charming coral islands is their amazing variety. They are all simply bursting with natural beauty.

Kabira bay
Hirakubo observatory
Water buffalo rides
Kayaking in mangrove forest

4. Sakaemachi local bar & restaurant area tour

4. Sakaemachi local bar & restaurant area tour

Sakaemachi is a kind of local shopping arcade. Under the covered semi-transparent roof, we can find food grocery shops, restaurants & bars and kitchen goods store. It’s a great chance to see a piece of local people’s life.

Local Okinawan restaurant
Local Okinawan restaurant
Explore local bar area
Local bar and communication with Okinawan local people Schedule


※We can arrange content, destination and schedule of this 6 days tour depending on your request.

Option menu

・For person who do not train, you can select many options as below. We can help to book.
・These are reference prices. Actually price is different from your request.

1) Experience menu
1) Experience menu

1. Bingata dyed experience
1,540 JPY / 1 hour

2. Shisa-making experience
3,240 JPY / 3 hour

3. Sanshin (okinawa traditional instrument)
3,000〜5,000 JPY / 1〜2 hour

4. Textile experience
1,500 JPY / 30 minutes

5. Awamori label-making
1,000 JPY / 15 minutes

6.Explore Kokusai street with wearing Ryuso
4,300 JPY〜 / 3 hour

7.Valley of Gangala trekking tour
2,200 JPY / 1.5 hour

8. Bukubuku tea ceremony
1,000 JPY / 30 minutes

9. Okinawan traditional dance experience
1,890 JPY / 1.5 hour

11. Beach Yoga
2,000 JPY〜 / 1 hour

11. Beach Yoga
2,000 JPY〜 / 1 hour

2) Spa menu
2) Spa menu

Abhyanga oil treatment 15,500 JPY〜

2. KOTORAN SPA Basic treatment
10,800 JPY〜

Basic treatment 24,000 JPY〜

4. Spa Rin Basic treatment
14,000 JPY〜

5. MURUKA SPA Basic treatment
11,800 JPY〜

6. CoCo Spa Basic treatment
6,000 JPY〜

3) Hot spring menu
3) Hot spring menu

1.Ryukyu Onsen
1,330 JPY

2. Meigusuku Hot Spring
3,500 JPY

3. Apeman Spa / Sashiki Hot Springs
1,650 JPY

4) Japanese culture
4) Japanese culture

1. SYOUTOUAN tea ceremony
5,000 JPY

2. Matsubara tea ceremony
1,500 JPY〜

3. Japanese flower arrangement
4,500 JPY〜


■Naha stay
It is an apartment type. You can seek a more local, everyday life experience

■Zamami island stay
It is a type of cotage. You can taste slow island time.

■Yaeyama stay
It is an Okinawan island house style. You can relax and enjoy the star filled sky.


Price for one person (Not including tax)  Person with Karate training : 330,000 JPY
  Person without Karate training : 275,000 JPY
Minimum number of participants  5 persons
Includes  Person with Karate training : Accommodation, Pick up service, Breakfast, Lunch (three times), Dinner (three times), Karate history tour (lunch included), Karate training (7 times), Sightseeing entrance fee Person without Karate training : Accommodation, Pick up service, Breakfast, Lunch (three times), Dinner (three times), Karate history tour (lunch included), Sightseeing entrance fee

Cancel Policy

If you want to cancel your reservation, there will be a cancellation fee based on the following cancel policy.

 Estimate  Free
After application〜15 days before the activity day   25% cancellation fee
8〜14 days before   50% cancellation fee
 Within 7 days  100% cancellation fee


・You need to respect Okinawan Karate Grand master.
・You have to bow when entering and leaving the dojo.
・Do not bother other students.
・Please bring your own Karate uniform, towel, and drink(s).
・Make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start of lesson.
・Be sure to turn off your mobile phone during the lesson.
・You are not allowed to take pictures nor record without the permission of the sensei.

We hope you have a great time in this workshop.