【Event report】The 1st Challenging Person Karate Program on June 24th,2018

The 1st Challenging Person Karate Program was held at Okinawa Karate Keikan on June 24th,2018.
16 persons from child to adult participated in this competition and performed Kata.

It is the first Karate event for mentally handicapped person  that refered to the event Special Olympic for mentally handicapped person. Many Okinawan Karate masters who sympathize with purpose of this event  joinend as referee, operator,instructor and so on by volunteer.

Tournament was done by four grade division.All participants had done good Kata,and they all got medal and certificate.

After that,  Karate trial class was held by Shorin-Ryu great master Takuya Kawasaki sensei for 30minutes. In addition to participants, many audience joined in class together.

It was very impressive that most participants smiled when they finish their performance and get medal.

HIroshi Akamine Sensei said purpose of the event Challenge Person Karate Competition is to encourage children with disabilities to participate in local communities through Okinawa Karate and encourage independent growth.

Zenpo Shimafukuro Sensei said Okinawa Karate is cultivates concentration and encourages healthy people, physically and physically handicapped people, and intellectually disabled people. Please fun your life every day through Karate practice.

We hope this great Karate event hold again ! And we want to support it next time!!