Sightseeing that you can experience only in Okinawa

Our company ” Ageshio Japan” can offer you not only Okinawa karate training service but also various Okinawa sightseeing menu. As Okinawa is very popular for sightseeing and Okinawa has original culture that is different from Japanese one, there are a lot of sightseeing menu that you can experience only here! 

These are some examples that when my Chinese friends came to Okinawa, we arranged.
These are depending on their requests that as they have traveled Japan for many times,they want to do what they can experience only in Okinawa. And they enjoyed these menu very much, so I’ll introduce these menu here.

Wearing Okinawan traditional clothes

Visit Okinawan local market and cook Okinawan traditional food

Okinawan people is famous for long life, and you can learn Okinawan macrobiotic foodstuff in English or Chinese

Trial Diving in foreign language

We can arrange diving not only Japanese but also English, Chinese and Korean