Documentary Coordination Business

Okinawan Karate documentary coordination business by Ageshio Japan, Karate Specialist Travel Agency in Okinawa.


・Karate Dojo, interviews with leaders, research
・Photo shooting permission, visa acquisition support
・Arrangement of local staff
・Arrangement of photo shooting equipment (camera, lighting equipment, etc.)
・Support of one’s stay
・Photo shooting, news report coordination

Documentary Coordination Flow

1. Project Details Confirmation

・Location details, Location site, News details
・Quotation submission

2. Location research

・Research on any location-related material
・Preparation of photo shooting schedule

3. Various Arrangements

・Coverage team’s various stay-related arrangements, vehicle arrangements
・Negotiations with interviewees, permission application, appointment arrangements

4. Photo shooting, News Report coordination

・Aiport transfer, schedule management, translation, local area assistant
・General support while in Okinawa

Documentary Coordination Fees



・Payment to be made in Japanese Yen
・Acceptable forms of payment : Credit card, PayPay, or Bank transfer