Bicycle Rentals in Okinawa

Walking to and from a dojo can be tiring, especially after some intense dojo training. Public transportation is available but not always the most convenient. That is why we recommend that you rent a bicycle while in Okinawa to get around easily. You can rent a bicycle based on your request(s). Have a look at the bicycle information below.

Bicycle Rental Information

City bicycle

Electric bicycle

Cross bike

Road bike

Price Please ask in your inquiry
Includes Helmet, Light set (front & back light), Cable Lock (key or combination)
Does not include Repair Tools, Safety pack (insurance, reflective beam belts, etc.
Notes Helmet must be worn when cycling.

Cycling Tours

During the Ryukyu Kingdom era in Okinawa, there was an event called Agariumai, where the Ryukyu Kings made a pilgrimage to 14 sacred places from Shuri Castle to the east coast.
This cycling tour takes you around to a few of those sacred places. You get to cycle along the sea, mountains, rivers, towns, castles, temples and various sceneries. And along the way you can stop by one of the many restaurants for some gourmet food. For more detail click here .