Privacy Policy

The Ageshio Japan Co.,Ltd. (here in after referred as Ageshio Japan) observes law (the Personal Information Protection Law) or other associated laws and ordinances about the protection of the personal information in view of importance of the personal information protection and handles personal information appropriately and takes appropriate measures about safety management. In addition, we cope with an inquiry and consultation about the handling of the personal information quickly and, about the appropriate measures to modify the handling of the personal information of our meeting and safety management review it appropriately and improve it.

Definition of the personal information

“The personal information” is the information about a living individual and can collate it with a full name included in the information concerned, the thing which can distinguish an authorized individual by other descriptions on the date of birth and other information easily and says the thing which may distinguish a thereby specific individual.

The acquisition of the personal information

In Ageshio Japan, we acquire personal information by the on-the-job means that it is within a necessary range and is legitimate, and is fair.

How your personal information is used

In Ageshio Japan, we use the personal information that we acquired as far as it is necessary for the accomplishment of the duties concerned and do not use it for other purposes without the agreement of the person beforehand. The use purposes of the concrete personal information in Ageshio Japan are as follows.

  1. Communication for the inquiry to Ageshio Japan.
  2. Publication to our homepage for Ageshio Japan.
  3. Guidance of the service of Ageshio Japan.
  4. The above, duties associated with 1-3.

Safety management measures of the personal data

In Ageshio Japan, we wear a lek of the personal data to handle, loss again and, for prevention of the loss, safety management of other personal data, take security measures for the maintenance such as handling rules about the safety management and the maintenance of the enforcement system and take the measures that are appropriate to find required accuracy, currentness for the achievement of the use purpose.

Offer to a third party of the personal data

Ageshio Japan does not offer personal data to the third party without the agreement of the person except the following cases on offering personal data to the third party.

  1. When disclosure is demanded based on laws and ordinances.
  2. When we entrust you with the handling in a range necessary to achieve a use purpose.
  3. When we judge our meeting to be necessary to protect the right of our meeting, profit, honor.

Request for our meeting

Ageshio Japan is remarkable for the appropriate enforcement of duties after having confirmed that a claimer is the person when there is the request such as disclosure, the correction about the possession personal data; affect; of a special reason, please let cope as far as there is not it.

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