Plan your 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp Okinawa trip

April 13th - 28th

We are very pleased to announce that in response to the October 2023 Okinawa Tour, we have been given the opportunity to offer all JKA members with special optional tours to do before, during, or after the 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp thanks to the support of the Grand Masters of Karate here in Okinawa.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and let us help you plan your trip to Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate.

Ageshio Japan, an Okinawa-based travel agency, is pleased to support the 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp and its members in their travels.

From April 13 to 28, 2024, JKA members and their families who are avid karate enthusiasts will have options to make their stay a special experience. Enjoy the history, culture, food, and nature of Okinawa with karate at its core.

Peace of mind during your trip:
Basically, you will be insured by the Travel Agents Association of Japan for the duration of your stay in Okinawa. This will cover you in the event of injury or accident during your stay, allowing you to enjoy your stay in Okinawa with peace of mind.

Basically, you will stay at the hotel we have prepared for you. Since the insurance is included in the package, we will try to arrange a hotel as close as possible to the JKA camp venue in accordance with your wishes.

How to make reservations:
Reservations are handled on a case-by-case basis for both individuals, groups, and families. Please select your preferred option from the contact form at the bottom of the page, and a representative will reply to you shortly.

Please contact the Japan Karate Association to apply for participation in the JKA Spring National and International Joint Training Camps.

For inquiries, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.

Event 1:
Various Okinawan Styles Sessions

JKA Shitei Kata & Shorin-ryu Kata Special Seminar

Zenpo Shimabukuro Kaicho

Seibukan Karatedo Kyoukai

During the 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp Okinawa trip, a special training session of Passai will be held by Okinawa Karate Shorin-ryu Shimabukuro Zenpo 10th dan, where you can learn about the roots of JKA’s important form “Bassai”.

In the original form of Shotokan, there are three styles within Okinawan Shorin-ryu: Kobayashi-ryu, Shorin-ryu, and Matsubayashi-ryu. However, in terms of movement within the Shotokan system, it is said that Shorin-ryu, following the lineage of Master Choshin Chibana, is the closest.

All JKA instructors scheduled for the 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp will take part in this special seminar.

4 Okinawan Styles Sessions

Several Grand Masters of Okinawa Karate will offer training sessions every day before and after the 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp in Okinawa. The Grand Masters are of Shorin-ryu and Goju-ryu styles.

Yoshimasa Kakazu

Kenshikai Rengokai

Yoshitaka Taira

Shorin-ryu Karatedo Renmei

Tsuneo Kinjo

Jundokan Sohonbu

Tetsu Gima

Jundokan Sohonbu

Zenshun Shimabukuro

Seibukan Karatedo Kyoukai

By studying the roots of Shotokan, namely Shorin-ryu, Kobayashi-ryu, and Matsubayashi-ryu, through forms such as Gankaku (Chinto), Tekki (Naihanchi), Kanku (Kusanku), Wankan (Wankan), and Hangetsu( Seisan), which has roots in the Goju-ryu, one can gain insight into the origin of Shotokan, known as Ryukyu Karate. By experiencing and learning the essence of Okinawan traditional karate, including movements like Gamaku, Chinkuchi, and Muchimi, you can enrich your karate practice and make it more profound.

JKA Masters will participate in these training session with you, going back to a beginner’s spirit. It would be a precious opportunity to experience this with those masters, learning from a master of a different perspective.

Instructors will also participate after the training camp ends.

Yasunori Ogura
Tomio Imamura
Katsutoshi Shiina
Seizo Izumiya
Tatsuya Naka
Takuya Taniyama
Satoshi Takahashi
Kunio Kobayashi
Yuko Hirayama
Yutaro Ogane

Event 2:
Kobudo Sessions

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“Kobudo is the one wheel while Karate is the other.”, said Akamine sensei, a 9th dan master in both Shorin-ryu Karate & Kobudo, Kancho of the Shimbukan dojo.

As well as the above sessions of Okinawan Karate, Akamine sensei will instruct Kobudo sessions. Not only is this for experts or experienced, but beginners are also welcome. In the traditional martial arts seminar, the focus will be on training with weapons such as the staff and sai, and there are also plans for hands-on practice with nunchaku, tonfa, and other weapons.

Using weapons claims to use core muscles much more than Karate and it will lead you to a deeper path of Karate.

JKA Masters will also attend as well as the Karate session above.

Hiroshi Akamine sensei

Event 3:
Karate History Tour

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If you have ever dreamed of visiting either the roots of Karate or the birthplace of Karate, then this is the tour for you. We will take you on a tour of places that are little known to not only tourists but also the locals. You will visit several monuments of legendary Karate Masters, and visit the Okinawa Karate Kaikan in Tomigusuku City. Enjoy Karate History Tour and step into the amazing past of this ever so revered martial art.

“Through the experiments of studying Okinawan traditional styles, I finally understood the true meaning of what
my masters have taught me and why.”, said Izumiya Sensei, followed by the words “and it also enlightened me to re-recognized the greatness of Shotokan style as well as the Origins”

Seizo Izumiya 8th dan

“Promised eye opening experience of our origins & evolutions by predecessors which must not be forgotten. It definitely turns your hazy vision into the radient.”

Yuko Hirayama 7th dan

“Promised eye opening experience of our origins & evolutions by predecessors which must not be forgotten. It definitely turns your hazy vision into the radient.”

Yuko Hirayama 7th dan

“Through training, I had the valuable opportunity to witness the movements of Okinawan instructors firsthand. While Funakoshi Sensei has played a crucial role in spreading and evolving karate from Okinawa to the mainland, understanding its roots remains essential. It involves returning to the origins, rediscovering the fundamentals, and integrating them into one’s own karate journey.

Born and raised in Tokyo, where I attended a primary school that offered karate, I initially encountered the martial art through the Japan Karate Association. However, this tour provided a unique experience as it allowed me to connect with Okinawan karate, refining my thoughts and deepening my understanding of karate as a whole.”

Yutaro Ogane 4th dan

Event 4:
Tours for Everyone

Okinawa, known as a beautiful tropical island, is one of the best resort areas in Japan. For your family coming with you, we have organized various tours. Schedules are flexible and can be catered to your request.

Churaumi Aquarium bus tour

Beach Bus tour

Shuri Castle Sightseeing tour

Traditional arts & crafts

Dinner party with traditional live music

Okinawa world tour (limestone cave & traditional folk arts)

Snorkeling at the Blue Cave

Accommodations In The Heart of Naha

During your stay, you can easily access the Budokan, the venue for the 2024 JKA Spring Joint Training Camp, from one of the many types of accommodation we have arranged. Several types of accommodation have been selected to meet everyone’s various needs.

Dormitory Type

JPY 1,600~2,300
 Per Night

Apartment Type

JPY 5,500~8,000
 Per Night

3-Star Hotel

JPY 7,500~9,000
 Per Night

4-Star Hotel

JPY 9,000~12,500
 Per Night

*All prices do not include tax and service charge is not included.

It is however the high season in Okinawa, and ther is the possibility of not being able to cater to all of your requests. Be sure to make a booking as soon as the site is up and running.

The booking site for all of the events and accommodation will be launched on the 27th of November, 2023, following its announcement on the JKA website.

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