Workshop|Eiichi Miyazato Karate technique workshop produced by Ageshio Japan

Okinawa Goju-Ryu martial arts workshop by the direct heirs of master Eiichi Miyazato, the founder of Okinawa Goju-Ryu Karate on November 13th-16th(4days), 2018 in Naha.

Great masters of this workshop

Tetsu Gima
(Goju-Ryu 9th Dan)
He is the student that Eiichi Miyazato sensei taught the longest. Miyazato sensei loved him very much, so he knows a lot of technique and episode of Miyazato sensei.
Tsuneo Kinjo
(Goju-Ryu 9th Dan)
He is a close friend of Gima sensei, and learned from Miyazato sensei togeher for a long time. Director of Federation of Okinawa Karate, old martial arts.
Kazuya Higa
(Goju-Ryu 8th Dan)
He is a close friend of Gima sensei and Kinjo sense. He started to learn Karate from Miyazato sensei at the age of 22 years old.
   Special guest    Hiroshi Akamine
(Kobudo 9th Dan / Shorin-Ryu 9th Dan)
He is one of the most famous master of Kobudo. The president of Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan.