Stone monument of GICHIN FUNAKOSHI at the shrine OKINOGU

Stone monument of GICHIN FUNAKOSHI,the founder of Shotokan Karate-Do

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■Tentou-Zan There were three hills on Onoyama, which was previously an island off Naha: Okinogu was erected on the highest hill Tentouzan, commonly called “Kugani-mui.” Another name for the hill is Tentouzan-Umanuha. Esteemed sacred, Tentou-Zan was revered as a holy place since ancient times.
■Okinogu The deity enshrined at Okinogu, one of the Eight Ryukyu Shrines, was a sacred log.
Its origin was at Tenpozan on Onoyama and the god enshrined
within was called Amaterasu Omikami who was worshipped at Okinogu as Tenjuku Nuryuguou Onmikami.

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■Location 44 Onoyama, Naha, Okinawa, OKINAWA, Japan Zip-code 900-0026 ■From Naha Airport
1. Board the monorail to Onoyama Station (10 min.), Walk to the torii (gateway) (3 min.)
2. Take a taxi to the torii (10 min.)

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