Doryoku Ryu Karate – Karate Camp in Okinawa 2023

Arriving on February 19th and leaving on February 26th, 19 Karate practitioners and 4 non-karate practitioners from England came to Okinawa for a Karate Camp. The karateka had over 20 hours of training Karate and Kobudo. They also went on a Karate History Tour and a Sightseeing tour of the southern part of Okinawa. Besides the training and tours, we arranged accommodation, transportation, and a welcome and farewell party for them.

Shorin-ryu Training with Yoshimasa Kakazu sensei at Kenshikai Dojo

Goju-ryu Training with Tsuneo Kinjo sensei and Tetsu Gima sensei at Jundokan Dojo

Ryukyu Kobudo Training with Shimbukan dojo's Hiroshi Akamine sensei at the Budokan

Goju-ryu Training with Tetsuhiro Hokama sensei at Kenshikai Dojo

Karate History Tour

Sightseeing Tour of the Southern part of Okinawa