【Report】Karate Trial Experience for a Company Trip of 37 People from Tokyo

On February 9th, 37 employees of the company Hakuhodo Kettle based in Tokyo came to Okinawa to take part in an unforgettable Karate experience program. The program began with a one-hour lecture on the “History of Traditional Okinawan Karate”, followed by an hour of actual Karate training. The lecture and Karate training was conducted by 10th Dan Shorin-ryu Koei Nohara Sensei, director of the Ryukyukan here in Okinawa. Everyone who participated in the program did so with a very positive attitude, making the 2-hour program a great success.

Part 1: Karate Speech

Break time

Part 2: Karate Training

Training 1: Base movement

Video: Training for base movement

Training 2: Learning Okinawan Karate Kata「Naifanchi」

Training 3: Mitt hitting

Video: Mitt Hitting

Photo time


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