Okinawan Karate history tour on August 17th for Nepal Karate national team members

We took 10 Nepal Karate national team coach and players on Aug 17th.


We started 9:30am from their hotel and visited 6 spots as below

  1.Monument and grave of Anko ItosuOrigin of Shito-ryu)

  2.Grave of Sokon MatsumuraFounder of Shuri-te)

  3.Monument of Gichin FunakoshiFounder of Shoto-kan)

  4.Famour shrine Okinogu

  5.LunchNepal food restaurant in Naha)

  6.Shuri castle


As most members are Shito-Ryu, we made Shito-Ryu course. They all have good manner and they prayed for their good luck for Asian Karate tournament! 


We can arrange various type of Karate history tour depending on your Karate style and requests.

If you are interested in it, please refer to following page.