【Report】Shito-Ryu SHOBUKAN workshop in Naha on April 5th-8th 2018

Shito-Ryu Shobukan martial arts workshop was held by Shito-Ryu 7th Dan great master Matsuoka sensei in Naha on April 5th-8th(4days) 2018. 15 students participated in this workshop. They came to Okinawa from Japan,China,Australia and German. They enjoyed not only Karate training but also Karate history tour and Okinawan culture such as food, music and communication with Okinawan people.

1st Day (from evening)

Welcome drinking party at Okinawan food restaurant

Drinking at Naha YATAI Village and DOJO Bar

2nd Day

Arrived at Okinawa Karate Keikan (training place)

Shito-Ryu Training (9:00-12:00)by Matsuoka sensei

Lunch time ( at noodle restaurant in Okinawa Karate Kaikan)

GOJU-Ryu Training (13:00-16:00) by Gima sensei and Kinjo sensei

Visit Awamori Factory "CHUKO Shuzo"


Hotspring at SENAGA island hotel

3nd Day

Breakfast at Fish market “TOMARI IYUMACHI”

SOkinawa Karate History Tour(9:30-14:30) guided by HOKAMA sensei

Karate DOJO training (15:00-17:00)by Hokama sensei

Dinner at Tuna fisherman's restaurant

Local Bar area

4nd Day

Shito-Ryu training by Matsuoka sensei

Lunch at Okinawa noodle restaurant that is Grand Prix at Okinawa noodle festival