【Report】Goju-ryu training for Shito-ryu practitioners by Gima sensei and Kinjo sensei

We held Shito-Ryu SHOBUKAN workshop on April 5th-8th 2018. In that workshop we invited grand Gojo-ryu master Gima sensei and Kinjo sensei. 15 Shito Ryu practitioners(from Japan, Australia,China and German) learned for 3 hours from them. 


They taught us typical warm up exercises  of Gojo-ryu, Kata movement and Bundai ( Sanshin ,Seienchin), Breath training, Makihara training and How to use body. After training, they told a lot of Gojo-ryu training episode when they were young. All Participants were moved by their skill,great performance. 


After training, we went to Senaga island for BBQ dinner together. We all had a very good time. Thank you very much for Gima sensei and Kinjo sensei’s kind friendship!

Warm up exercise of Gojo-ryu

Base movement

Kata Sanchin and breath training

Makiwara training

Kata Seienchin

How to use body

BBQ dinner in Senaga island

We will produce Okinawa Gojo-ryu workshop with Gima sensei and Kinjo sensei on November 13th-16th 2018 in Naha.