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Company Profile

Company Name Ageshio Japan Co.,Ltd
Company Address  Shimoji Building 3F, 3-1-13, Asato, Naha city, Okinawa, Japan
CEO Kenjiro Ueda (Kenny)
Date founded  July 18, 2017
Mission Our company wants the charm of Okinawa Karate to appeal to the world, and we want to contribute to the continuing development of Okinawa Karate tourism.
Business Activities  We have three main business activities specialized for Karate.
 1.Travel service of Okinawan Karate
 2.Production of Okinawan Karate goods
 3.Promotion for Okinawan Karate

Our mission

Travel License

Registered travel agency by the governor of Okinawa prefecture (Registered number : 3-398)
All NiPPON TRAVEL AGENTS ASSOCIATION member (Membership number : 05780)

Board Members of Ageshio Japan

CEO : Kenjiro Ueda (Kenny)

CEO : Kenjiro Ueda (Kenny)

■Karate Profile
・Shito-Ryu Karate 7th dan
・Champion of Shito-Ryu all Japan championship tournament in 1997
・Champion of Karate Australia championship tournament in 1999 & 2001
・Former National Karate team coach in Nepal

■Business Profile
After graduating university, he started his own business in Australia. He set up a travel agency, AAO travel that attracted 30,000 tourists per year. He also created the famous travel media, Go-jin.com. After living in Australia for 15 years, he moved to Shanghai and started a web-service media. He lived abroad for 20 years in countries such as Australia, Hawaii and China.

COO : Keiichi Furuta (Kevin)

COO : Keiichi Furuta (Kevin)

■Profile Specialist for Web marketing business. 12 years of Web marketing experience, and 9 years of work experience in China. Experience as Vice President in Chinese branch of Japanese No.1 Web Advertisement company. CEO Kenny is his Karate teacher. He also participated in a Karate tournament in Shanghai in 2016.

Board Director : Shinichiro Kato (Shawn)

Board Director : Shinichiro Kato (Shawn)

Board member of a JASDAQ listed company. Over 20 years of managing a general human resources company. The largest individual stockholder of the famous professional Okinawa basketball team, “Ryukyu Golden Kings”.

Operations Manager : Carlo Angeles

Operations Manager : Carlo Angeles

From Guam, USA. Has 17 years of work experience in Japan. Speaks both Japanese and English. Over 20 years of work experience in the hospitality industry..


Team Ageshio Japan Christmas Party

Okinawan Karate Sanboku-kai Year-end Party

Overseas Karate Activities

Our CEO, Kenny, is the third representative of the famous Shito-Ryu Karate “SHOBUKAN”. There are many students all around the world in Shobukan, especially in Japan, Shanghai, Australia, Nepal, India and Iran. Some of the students are highly skilled such as the 3-time European Karate champion, Olympic coach and so on.

Nepal National team

Australian Dojo Members

Shanghai Dojo Members

Features of Our Services

1. Introduction Karate Masters of Okinawan Karate

1. Introduction Karate Masters of Okinawan Karate

The CEO of our company was a Karate champion in Japan. He has been practicing Karate for more than 33 years, and has also taught karate in many countries such as Australia, China and Nepal. Based on his Karate knowledge and teaching experience worldwide, we have a clear and strict criteria when selecting Karate masters for training.

Shorin-Ryu  “Seibukan”
10th Dan Zenpo Shimabukuro sensei

Matsubayashi-Ryu  “Kodokan”
10th Dan Yoshitaka Taira sensei

Shorin-Ryu  “Kenshikai”
10th Dan Yoshimasa Kakazu sensei

Shorinji-Ryu  “Senshinkan”
9th Dan Masanobu Sakugawa sensei
Goju-Ryu  “Jundokan”
9th Dan Tsuneo Kinjo sensei
9th Dan Tetsu Gima sensei
8th Dan Kazuya Higa sensei

Kobudo  “Shimbukan”
9th Dan Hiroshi Akamine sensei

Goju-Ryu  “Shodokan”
8th Dan Zenei Oshiro sensei

Uechi-Ryu  “Kenyukai”  
9th Dan Kiyohide Shinjo sensei

Shorin-Ryu  “Shubukan”
9th Dan Yasuhiro Uema sensei
6th Dan Takeshi Uema sensei

Goju-Ryu  “Kenshikai”
10th Dan Tetsuhiro Hokama sensei

Goju-Ryu  “Meibukan”
9th Dan Masaaki Ikemiyagi sensei

Shito-Ryu  “Kaihojuku”
Yusuke Onaga sensei
Karate Champion of Okinawa National Sports Festival

2. Various Programs of Okinawan Karate

2. Various Programs of Okinawan Karate

We can arrange and introduce various Okinawan Karate lesson programs based on your goals.

3. Support Services in Okinawa

3. Support Services in Okinawa

We can offer you various kinds of support during your stay in Okinawa: Pick-up/Drop-off, accommodation arrangements, sightseeing, interpreting services, etc.

Seminar Performance Track Record

2019/10/24 – Tourism EXPO Japan 2019
(Tourism Professionals Seminar)
2019/10/24 – Tourism EXPO Japan 2019
(Tourism Professionals Seminar)

Our COO Keiichi Furuta was invited by the Japan Sports Agency to be a panelist at the panel discussion hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Japan Sports Agency and the Tourism Agency held at the Tourism EXPO Japan 2019.

2019/11/01 – Sports Tourism Seminar

2019/11/01 – Sports Tourism Seminar

The “Sports Tourism Seminar” held by the Japan Sports Agency was held in Kyoto. Our COO Keiichi Furuta gave a lecture with the theme, “New Business Challenges on Karate Tourism and Local Revitalization Business developed in Okinawa”.
Event details can be found here .

2020/01/16 – The 8th Sports Tourism Convention

2020/01/16 – The 8th Sports Tourism Convention

Keiichi Furuta, our COO, was a panelist for the Martial Arts Tourism Subcommittee at the “Sports Tourism Convention” held in Kanazawa.
Event details can be found here .

Media Appearance Track Record

2018/07/18 Ryukyu Shimpo
2018/07/21 Okinawa Times
2018/07/30 Okinawa Times
2018/08/01 Ryukyu Shimpo
2018/08/04 Okinawa Times

2018/08/03 Okinawa Television – Prime News
“Hospitality at the Birthplace of Karate”

2018/08/10 NHK G – Okinawa
“Overseas Exchange Deepened by Karate”

2018/08/16 Okinawa Times
2018/08/22 Ryukyu Shimpo
2018/08/23 Okinawa Times
2018/08/27 Ryukyu Shimpo
2018/12/11 Okinawa Times
2018/12/12 Nikkei Newspaper
2019/02/09 Okinawa Times
2019/04/29 Ryukyu Shimpo
190513 NHK WORLD
「Karate Gets
Olympic Boost in Okinawa 」
2019 May Edition – Monthly Columbus
2019/09/12 Okinawa Times
190912 沖縄タイムス
2019/09/24 Ryukyu Shimpo
2019/12/01 Okinawa Times
2019/12/08 Okinawa Times
2019/12/008 Ryukyu Shimpo

1912-2001 Monthly Martial Arts – Expanding the Boundary of Martial Arts Tourism

1912-2001 Monthly Martial Arts – Expanding the Boundary of Martial Arts Tourism


We can arrange a program based on your requests. Please click here for a list of the different programs that we have to offer you at Ageshio Japan.