Experience of Okinawan Karate training

Here are some testimonies from past participants. They are based on the following criteria – satisfaction, service, originality, price recommendation.

Xavi Serrano (Male)

Country Spain
Type Shito Ryu
Karate Experience 20 years
Purpose I wanted to practice traditional karate the way it was meant to be, and that could only be in Okinawa.

I’ve been a Shito Ryu karate practitioner for about 20 years, first in Barcelona, Spain, and then in Tokyo where I am currently living. In all these years I had the chance to train with different senseis of different styles in a variety of seminars, however I always wanted to practice Karate in its birth place, I wanted to practice traditional karate the way it was meant to be, and that could only be in Okinawa.

I cannot thank enough Ageshio and Ueda sensei for organizing my trainings, it was just an incredible experience. They were very professional, adapted to my needs and explained me everything very clearly.

At the beginning I was nervous because I was going to train with 9th and 10th Dan senseis at their dojos, but every single sensei was very kind (their students also) and very open to share everything with me. Even I train just one day with each, they made sure I didn’t leave the dojo without knowing the basics and more important areas of their styles, so I learn a lot of new stuff that I can apply to my karate as well as I understand better the origin of every style.

Without any doubt I would repeat this experience, training in Okinawa with these senseis is a lifelong experience.

Thank you and see you again.

Degardin (Male) / Simon (Male)

Karate ExperienceGoju-Ryu
PurposeWant to learn various kinds of Okinawan Karate.
All Sensei were very kinds with us.

Thank you very much for introduce us super wonderful Sensei. All Sensei were very kinds with us. Yes it was super good experience. Sensei received us very well. It was very interesting. We will come back again and use Ageshio to introduce us those wonderful Sensei. Thank you so much and see you again soon.

Alex (Male) / Lily (Female)

Karate ExperienceWhen I was a child, I learned for 6 years.
PurposeWe would like to know about history of Okinawa Karate.

This was a great Karate tour that we highly recommend to everyone.

Absolutely the tour was fantastic and we appreciate you both doing the tour with us. Both of you spoke English very well and were very accommodating to us. We enjoyed this tour very much. Thank you both for the fantastic pictures and memorizes. This was a great Karate tour that we highly recommend to everyone. We appreciate that. Thank you both very much for a fantastic experience!

Rudi (Male)

Karate Experience38 years
PurposeI wanted to practice traditional karate the way it was meant to be, and that could only be in Okinawa.

As I’m almost every year in Okinawa for training in the Jundokan Dojo I’m somehow experienced about the roots of Karate. But as soon as I have read about the Ageshio program which took place at the time where I was in Okinawa, I took the opportunity for participation to have an almost three day training with my Senseis from Jundokan Dojo Tetsu Gima Sensei and Tsuneo Kinjo Sensei, both 9th Dan. In addition the program included a Kobudo training session with Hiroshi Akamine Sensei (9th Dan) where I was really interested in. On top of it we drove also to the thumbs of Miyagi Chojun, Eiichi Miyazato and Kanryo Higaonna which I never was there!

Over all it was not about Karate techniques only we got also a deep insight about history and old stories which give me the possibility to understand Karate now in better way. In any case the Karate and Kobudo lessons were a highlight for me and for all other participants. Akamine Sensei did invite me in his Dojo so it was for me successful event.

Kenny San and Naomi San did support us in an outstanding way! It was no problem that my wife did participate the historical tour as well as the evening program only. The hospitality and organization of this event was excellent, flexible if necessary and the communication really good as Kenny San and Naomi San speak really good English!

Arigatou gozaimasu

Maria (Female) / Hernán (Male)

TypeShorin-Ryu / Kobudo
Karate Experience21 years 〜
PurposeTraining with Karate Kyudokan for 21 years and Kobudo Ryukonkai for 11 years.

Karate and Kobudo is a way of life for us.

Being able to travel to Okinawa one more time, it’s a dream come true for us.
We love Okinawan Karate and Kobudo and we train everyday. We also respect and try to learn about Okinawan culture and history. We have been studying Nihongo for the last two years and we wish to continue our studies in order to understand everyday a little bit more and to have a fluent communication!

In Argentina, we have our own Dojo since 2008, with more than 35 students. When we chose the name of the Dojo, we thought a lot what martial arts taught us, and we decided to named it Nintai Dojo. We have learned from karate to be perseverant in our training and also in every aspect of our life!
The first time Maria came to Okinawa, was for the World Tournament in 2009! It was a great experience to meet people from all around the world that share the same passion.
Later, in 2016 we got married and we planned to have our dream honeymoon in Okinawa!!! We stayed for one month and had a wonderful time!!!! From Monday to Saturday we practiced karate and Kobudo! We also trained for ourselves and also on Sundays! We learned a lot and Kyudokan and Ryukonkai members made us feel part of their family!!

Now, we have returned once again to Okinawa for 40 days!! We feel blessed and very happy to be back here in the land of karate and Kobudo!!! We want to practice and learn even more!!! We are so grateful to Minoru Higa Kaicho, Kotaro Iha Kaicho, Koyu Higa Kancho and Mitsutada Iha Kancho, that they treat us like their family and open their Dojos for us and teach us not only techniques but also values and the tradition of the Okinawan people by their own example!!! Our companions are great and they always try to help us!!! Kyudokan and Ryukonkai are real families for us!!!!

Thank you very much Ageshio Japan, and our Japanese friend Naomi Higuchi (who works at Okinawa Karate Concierge), invited us to spend the afternoon at a festival in Okinawa City! It was a very nice experience and we could learn a little bit more about Okinawan traditions and culture, with a luxury guide!!! We also met her friends and chatted a lot! Thank you Naomi San for such a nice afternoon and also for the photos and collage!

Thank you very much tomodachi E-Lin and tomodachi Naomi for sharing your time, kindness, love and friendship with us! We are very happy to meet you and have such a nice friendship!!

Maria (Female) / Hernán (Male)

TypeShito Ryu
Karate Experience10 years
PurposeI really want to learn Okinawa karate techniques

My Okinawan Karate Experience.

Having trained in Karate for several years, it had long been a dream of mine to travel to Okinawa and experience karate in its purest form, where it was created. Eventually, I decided it was time to go. That was when I found Ageshio Japan, a travel company specialising in karate tours. They were able organise introductions and training with Okinawan Karate Senseis, accomodation, Karate history tours, dining at local specialty restaurants and shopping.

During my time in Okinawa, I was lucky enough to train with some of the most senior Karate instructors in the world. The tour included a visit to the Jundokan Dojo and training with its 2 most senior Goju-Ryu instructors, Tetsu Gima Sensei and Tsuneo Kinjo Sensei, both 9th Dan black belts. A real highlight for me. We also trained with Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei, a 10th Dan black belt at his Dojo, where he also has a karate museum. Hokama Sensei also runs a Karate history tour. On the tour, we visited the graves/ memorials of several great Okinawan Karate masters. Hokama Sensei’s extensive knowledge of Karate and Okinawan history gave me a great insight into life in Okinawa.

I found Ageshio Japan travel company to be very professional. All enquiries prior to my trip were answered promptly and in good detail, making my holiday stress free. The accomodation was comfortable and within walking distance to local shopping outlets. I highly recommend Ageshio Japan to anyone wanting to travel to Okinawa and to Karate practitioners of all levels.

Michael (Male: 36 years)

TypeShito Ryu
Karate Experience3 years
PurposeTo experience Karate at its roots

It was an eye-opening experience!

After practicing Karate for quite a few years, I grew more and more interested in better understanding how it all started. In April 2018, we finally had the opportunity. Our whole Shanghai Karate club decided to make a trip to Okinawa together. We asked Ageshio, which I know many years, to organize.

They created a good combination between training, learning, and recreational activities. We had the opportunity to study with many very different well-seasoned masters, each at least 9th Dan. All masters about who one usually only reads in book and internet articles. We trained in one master’s own dojo. The master and some of his students are living there, thus the dojo truly being the center of their lives.

The wide diversity of styles showed us many new perspectives. Each training emphasized different aspects of karate, such as the meaning of kata, advanced breathing, decisive blocking, and the original applications behind various techniques, for example, neko dachi being more than just a stance, but rather a devastating counter attack. Overall, an eye-opening experience. The major takeaway being that there is a huge difference between Okinawa karate and sports karate.

We also had the opportunity to go on a Karate history tour with a local guide, who also happened to be Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei (10th dan). Under his expert guidance, we went to several famous karate masters graves and locations of importance to the history of Karate on Okinawa.

It was not all about Karate, we also reflected about the learning during a number of fun recreational activities. The insight to live on Okinawa included local restaurants, one where the owner fishes his raw materials (Tuna) himself. A beach BBQ, relaxation of all the hurting muscles in a local hot spring, and the local night live made the whole trip a well balance experience.

In summary, the service level and English translation were good. The level of patience of the masters and their openness to share was awesome. We would have never found these historic sites and recreational place on our own. I would like thank Kenny, Kevin and their team, without their organization this would not have been such a memorable experience.

Hiromi (Female: 40 years)

TypeShito Ryu
Karate Experience5 years
PurposeI wanna learn authentic Karate in Okinawa!



Sajan (Male: 43 years)

TypeShito Ryu
Karate Experience25 years
PurposeI want to learn the technique of Okinawa Karate

Fantastic experience in my Karate life!

I have learned Karate for 25 years now and I became Nepal Karate champion of KATA in Shito-Ryu. As I grew older I feel that my physical abilities have changed and that why I began to be interested in Okinawa Karate.

I came to Okinawa on July 2017 and learned Okinawa KARATE training for 10 days. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to understand Japanese, but all teachers were able to teach me Okinawa Karate in English.

Not only that, the Ageshio company gave me the sheet of techniques written in English, so I can learn Okinawa Karate very effectively!

In the ten days I stayed in Okinawa, I met three grand masters of Okinawa Karate and they were really great masters. All three masters have more than 8 Dan (one of them have 10 Dan). Masters said Okinawa Karate is life long martial arts and the longer they practice Okinawa Karate, the more interesting they feel because of many new recognitions! This is what I expect for Okinawa Karate and I’m looking forward to continue learning Karate by this experience!

Support service by Ageshio company was also good. Thanks to their friendly support!

Pedro (Male:35 years)

Karate Experience10 years
PurposeI want to go to the birthplace of Karate!

Great memory!

After I started learning Karate, Okinawa was always my longing placeland finally I got to experience it!

I participated five times in the DOJO and Karate history tour.

The class in DOJO were much harder than expected! Especially Sanchin, it was very hard training. This is the training for enhancing physical ability and moving with holding Nigirigame. I couldn’t keep up but most students there (including older people) were able to keep pushing.

Okinawa Karate is about enhancing physical strength, which is very important. They also practice Sanchin a lot. Students are very tough! I was surprised that they were really strong and their defense was very painful. I feel Okinawa Karate was really practical.

Although class in DOJO were very hard, the Karate history tour was a lot of fun. I participated with other students in DOJO. We visited many Karate historical places and tombs of Karate grand master’s. We wore Karate-gi and took heaps photos together. I have made many amazing memories in Okinawa.

The communication with Okinawan people was also interestingly fun and educational. Sakaemachi is a very famous local bar area and they’re so many friendly local people. Some people who we met in the bar taught us a Okinawan song and we all sang together while playing the Okinawan guitar.

Another day, Ageshio CEO Kenny took us to his house for lunch. His house is a typical Okinawa old house and very comfortable. Kenny was a Japanese Karate champion and he has lived in Australia for 15 years.

Alan (Male: 47 years)

TypeShito Ryu
Karate Experience35 years
PurposeI want to learn practical technique of Okinawa Karate

Many thanks to grand masters!

I came to Okinawa in August this year. As this is the birthplace of Karate, I have been interested in Okinawa Karate for a long time. Although my stay in Okinawa was just 1 week, this was great experience.

What I was surprised is all masters who taught me in Okinawa are more than 9 Dans. Based on my request, I learned KATA mainly. The Masters KATA is a really strong movement. They taught me the meaning of every movement.

I’ve learned Karate for a long time and most KATA I learned here I was already familiar with but there were actually a few I hadn’t learned and was learning it for the first time.

It was also great that I was able to communicate with the masters in English. They not only taught me Karate techniques but also taught me Karate philosophy, history and their experience of Karate. The most impressive thing one masters said was that when he was young he practiced Karate twice a week but now he practice six times a week with his own business. Being over 65 years old, that is pretty impressive. Actually all masters look very lively and energetic for their age.

The experience in Okinawa gave me a new goal for my Karate life. I’m deeply appreciate for all masters I met here! I want to come back here again.


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Tripadvisor Traveler Rating
35 reviews
Tripadvisor Ranking
#6 of 87 Tours in Naha
Recent Traveler Reviews
  • “I took the Karate tour with Ageshio, as part of the group that attended the IKO...” more
  • “Kenny and Carlo were tremendously gracious hosts and guides for my time in Okinawa. It was...” more
  • “I traveled with Łódzka Akademia Karate Tradycyjnego to get familiar with traditional Okinawa'ns Karate. Tour was...” more
  • “Great atmosphere and organisation, good food, wonderful people and karate. No matter where and what, matters...” more


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