Takeshi Uema Sensei Hanshi 6th Dan

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Dojo info

Dojo Name Shubukan
Style Shorin-ryu
Area Shuri,Naha

・Strictly learn kihon, kata and applied movements of Shorin-ryu.
・For basic training, you will practice using Okinawa’s unique training tools.
・This is a training system that emphasizes kihon (the basics).

Master info
Name Takeshi Uema
Grade Shorin-ryu 6th dan
Position Shihan of Shubukan

From a lineage of Chibana Chōshin, Shiroma Makoto Shige, and Ōshiro Chōjo, Takeshi Uema Sensei has many branches worldwide. It is a well-balanced karate dojo that teaches not only Okinawa Karate but also competition style Karate.

Lesson info

Program ・Private Class
・Group Class 
Technological system Okinawa Karate Shorin-Ryu  Kihon, Kata, Yakusoku kumite
Lesson time ・20:00-22:00(Monday,Wednesday,Friday)
Fee (not incuding TAX) Group lesson   6,000JP
Private lesson  20,000JPY
Rule ・White belt
・Respect the Grand Master and other students (if any).
Requirement ・Your own drink
Photo & video Photo
Video X
*Prohibited during training
*Sensei’s permission required
Certificate Ageshio version:○
*1 time traning ok
Dojo Original:X