Kiyoshi Yogi Sensei Hanshi 8th Dan
Yogi kaikan

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Dojo info

Dojo Name Yogi kaikan
Style Uechi-Ryu
Area Nishihara

・Learn kihon, kata and applied movements of Uechi-ryu.
・Matayoshi Kobudo can also be learned in the lesson.
・A well-balanced instruction on kihon (the basics), kata, applications, and old martial arts is taught.

Master info
Name Kiyoshi Yogi
Grade Uechi-Ryu 8th dan
Position President of Yogi kaikan

Kiyoshi Yogi Sensei has won numerous world Karate and Ryukyu ancient martial arts competitions, and now his son, Seito, is a world champion. At the Yogi Kaikan, the three secret battles of the Uechi style are intensively trained, with the basics of the Ryukyu ancient martial arts also being trained.

Lesson info

Program ・Morning Class
・Private Class
・Kobudo Class
・Group Class 
Technological system Okinawa Karate Uechi-Ryu  Kihon, Kata, Yakusoku kumite, Kobudo
Lesson time ・Based on your request(s)
Fee (not incuding TAX) Group lesson   6,000JP
Private lesson  20,000JPY
Rule ・Black belt or your own belt if available.
・Respect the Grand Master and other students (if any).
Requirement ・Your own drink
Photo & video Photo
*Prohibited during training
*Sensei’s permission required
Certificate Ageshio version:○
*1 time traning ok
Dojo Original:X