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Yusuke Onaga Sensei 7th Dan
Okinawa Karate Do Renmei Kaiho Juku

Dojo info Dojo Name Kaiho Juku Style Shito-ryu Area Naha ・Learn kihon, kata and applied movements of Shito-ryu.・Onaga Sensei was an athlete of kumite, so he can teach the techniques on how to win a Karate competition.・You can also learn the ancient martial arts. Master info Name Yusuke Onaga Grade Shito-ryu 7th dan Position President of Kaiho Juku The Shito-ryu Dojo is one of the few in Okinawa. Yusuke Onaga Sensei, a native of Okinawa, went to Osaka to learn Shito-ryu. He later returned to Okinawa to teach foreigners and the local Okinawan people. He is also the first Kumite…