Ootoya – authentic, homestyle Japanese dishes

Now if there is thing that you must do when you come to Okinawa is to have authentic, homestyle Japanese dishes. I am not an expert gourmet but I know good food when I have it. Ootoya Gohan Dokoro OOTOYA, or just Ootoya for short, is a chain restaurant which I am happy to say is a restaurant with food that will satisfy almost everyones’ tastebuds. On the menu there are tons of food to choose from, some that are grilled or boiled. I find the food to be not only healthy, but also very well presented. There are around 17 Ootoya restaurants in Okinawa, and over 200 in the rest of Japan. Tokyo alone has 198 restaurants. Most of ones in Okinawa are located in the southern part in places like Naha or Ginowan. Though I don’t go there too often as I used to, whenever I am craving some authentic Japanese food, Ootya is always at the top of the list. The next time you are in Okinawa, or even in Japan, be sure to stop by Ootoya Gohan Dokoro OOTOYA.